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Re: New logging

Gary Williams wrote:

> Kurt and others,
> Feedback is encouraged, but I'm primarily
> interested in (in order of importance): 1) I haven't broken anything
> 2) everything works as intended 3) the mechanism is sufficiently
> extensible and useful.  I realize that if the new logging is accepted,
> a lot of work can go into actually putting more logging messages into
> the code, but this can be an evolutionary process.  Thank you for your
> cooperation and support.

It looks pretty nice, I'll be pleased to try it out. If everybody agrees,
like to contribute in putting the new logging stuff in back-ldap, as I've

been doing some changes in the module, and more are to come in the
near future.
Another possibly related point is: what about a means, e.g. signals or
some OpenLDAP extension to the protocol, to allow run-time
log-level tuning without having to restart the server? Has anybody
ever thought about it?

Bye, Pierangelo.

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