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Re: question about connections and operations

Operations are processed concurrently if possible.

At 06:47 PM 1/30/01 -0500, Yoel Spotts wrote:
>I hope I am posting to the correct list. If not, let me know.
>I am modifying the openldap code for my company (creating a new
>backend). I am using openldap 1.2x as my code base. One of the things I
>need to add is a new member variable in the Connection structure since
>all the operations within a connection need this information. Now
>different operations may modify this member. My question is, do
>operations within a connection occur possibly concurrently, or do they
>happen only in order, meaning that one operation must complete before
>the next operation within that connection may proceed. If they can
>happen concurrently, then I need a lock for my new member. If not, I
>Logically, I assumed that each operation must complete before proceeding
>to the next operation becuase if the client binds (using the same
>connection), that operation certainly must complete before the next
>operation can continue. However, I think I noticed that a new thread is
>created for each operation which seems to indicate concurrency. Any help
>is greatly appreaciated. 
>Yoel Spotts
>Yoel Spotts                     yoel@vasco.com
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