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Search filter question


Suppose I've got a schema that looks like this :

+-- c=us
|    |
|    +-- sn=smith
|    |
|    +-- sn=jones
+-- c=uk
|    |
|    +-- sn=wazzup
|    |
|    +-- sn=jones
+-- ...

It's not the actual schema I use - but it's only for explanation

Suppose I want to list, with ONE filter, someone who's called "jones"
and lives in uk, and someone who's called "smith" and lives in us. Of
course, my sn=xxx objects don't support the c type...

How can I do such a query ? I thought
(|(&(c=uk)(sn=jones))(&(c=us)(sn=smith))) would work, but it doesn't, as
my sn=xxx objects don't have the c=value.

It's for optimization purposes, so it's necessary for me to do it with
one single filter. Once again, don't try to tell me this example is
silly, it IS. But it's far easier to understand that my actual schema.

Any clues ?...

Many thanks,


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