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Re: passwd backend and RFC 2307

> > Why doesn't the passwd backend do as rfc 2307 says things should be?
> RFC 2307 doesn't say how things "should be".  It's informational
> and should be viewed as "one way to do things".  There are obviously
> many ways one can represent users/accounts in a directory.

 Of course, but most RFC are that way. And this RFC (if you search for
posixAccount) is implemented in several places. One interesting place where
it's implemented is in libnss-ldap...

> >Is there any reason?
> back-passwd pre-dates RFC 2307.
> >Is this passwd backend a demo/sample code that nobody uses?
> It is meant as a demo/sample backend which is meant to be adapted
> as needed.

 But can the modifications and enhancements be adopted by the official
OpenLDAP distribution? I think there's potential in this backend.

> > I've started to modify it.
> as intended.
> >I'd like to use it to export an /etc/passwd to a
> >lot of computers, without switching to a ldbm database.
> You should be able to easily adapt back-password for this use.
> > Any information you can give will be useful, as I'm new with the code (and
> >with LDAP =) ).
> The list archives can be quite useful.


 I have already done something that works. I will post a patch in a few
days (I'd like to reach the point when this can actually be used to
authenticate a user with pam/nss).