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slapd.exe doesnt even reach service main/main function.


I am using openldap2.0-alpha3 on NT. This is OLD I know, as soon as I
get the time I will try to move all my own code to openldap2xx and use
that instead but right now I cant.

The problem described below should be the same for both codes thou (I

I have used openldap and added lots of code myself for different
purposes and everything have been working great until some days ago.
Suddently my LDAP server refused to start, giving no error in any way.
All DLL:s were in path and slapd.conf files etc were the same as always.
No error message or debug in anyway. When I start slapd.exe with correct
arguments a console appears for some milliseconds and then disappear. I
tried to debug what could be the cause of this but...

...I dont even get to the main function/ or in service main.

Question is: what happens before PC gets to any debuggable
functions(like main)? 

Global variable constructors? 

Any other macros or similar that could cause the crash?

I'm getting kinda desperate since it is impossible (or?) for me to debug

Any suggestions or hints?

Greatful for any response (even thou I am using an ancient version of