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Inserting an entry in LDAP with SQL as backend - Atomicity?


While going through back-sql modification code, we found that the code 
for addition of one ldap entry, many tables corresponding to the 
attributes of the objectclass of the entry are modified individually. How is the 
atomicity of updations of all these tables assured?

Also, while inserting an entry into LDAP using the sample databases 
provided for MySQL we are getting following error:

backsql_add(): executing 'insert into persons values ('');
select last_insert_id();' 
backsql_add(): create_proc execution failed Return code: -1 
SQL engine state: 42000 Native error code: 1064
Message: [TCX][MyODBC]You have an error in your SQL syntax near ';select 
last_insert_id();' at line 1

Do we need to insert an escape charavter in the query?

Also, shouldn't there be a parameter marker in the query? The current 
query is

insert into persons  values ('');\nselect last_insert_id(); 

Please let me know if I am using wrong versions of the files..

Thanks and Regards,