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About primary key.

Hi  there,

I'm new to ldap and got a lot of question about it. If this is not the
right place for them, please do let me know.

Is there some good materials about how to create my own schema? Because
if I'm willing to create my own type and objects, I really need to add a
lot of stuffs into the existing schema. And also, I don't want those
redundant definitions in my ldap server as I want to use the server for
private or personal use, I don't want to inherit those use not
specificly for me. Is there a way to remove  those types that conflict
with my own names?

I'm wondering if I can combine several fields as the primary key.
Suppose I have this structure:

    |_ telnetuser
       |_ username=cao, group=users, shell=TCSH, password=no password

I want the ldif  like this:

dn: username=lee, group=users, ou=telnetuser, ou=user, o=abc.com
objectclass: top
objectclass: telnetuser

I've tried on Netscape Directory Server 4.12, and it fails.  Does that
mean LDAP don't allow this?

Moreover, I hope I can get a subtree when I search in the directory.
AFAIK,  a directory server is organized in a structural way, it should
also be able to return structural data,  like xml does.

I'll really appreciate any comments from you.