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Re: RDBMS backend

David Parker wrote:

> Has an rdbms-based implementation been done?

see 2.x distribution, servers/slapd/back-sql

> If so, is there an agreed upon
> relational schema that folks have been using?

Some kind of an agreed has been reached quite a time ago (at least on this list
;) - see FAQ at


Anyways, back-sql uses approach differs from that you seem to be asking about.

It does not use any fixed schema specialized to support
directory model. It aims to help exporting _existing_ RDBMS data with
_existing_, "some-domain-oriented" schema, as LDAP.

> What would the starting point
> in the code be if one were to start implementing something like this?

If you are not convinced by arguments the FAQ provides, and want to implement
what is called "first" or "second" approach there,
back-sql may be a place to start anyways, to make it configurable for 2
approaches. Two RDBMS backends would be too much ;)

Please mail me if you have any thoughts/suggestions about back-sql.

WBW, Dmitry