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RE: [Fwd: sUffixAlias]

I've done a masquerading backend in our private version of back-ldap.
It seems like a good idea to me. Especially now that we have real schema
support to work with; you can find every attribute with DN syntax and
massage those as well to fit the desired suffix. In essence, you can glue
any LDAP directory to any other LDAP directory, and transparently hide the
junction between them. We can stack any number of directories arbitrarily
deeply nested in this manner. We can also support other topologies as well,
but for sanity's sake I prefer to restrict our setups to avoid cycles...

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> I'm redirecting my message here because of Kurt's suggestion.
> Actually, in my opinion:
> - the part on the overconstraining sanity checks is a small bug notice
> - the part on the scope of the suffixAlias refers more to software use
> issues
> - the part on the proposal for a sort of dn masquerading ldap proxy is a
> truly devel issue
> Thanks, Pierangelo