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Re: crash: cyrus-imapd -> sasl -> pam -> pam_ldap -> libldap-2.x -> sasl

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 03:13:37PM -0500, Lawrence Greenfield wrote:

> long-term goal.  It's possible to eliminate most of the calls to
> malloc/free made by the library (and all the calls of library
> malloc/application free and application malloc/library free) but we
> haven't had the people resources to work on this.  (It would be a new
> major number and require fairly substantial application changes.)  An
> added bonus would be increased performance.

Note that the sasl_set_mutex() function has the same potential problems.
The right solution would be a library initialization function which allocates
a library context structure dynamically and all other functions work on
this context structure. Then all global variables should be moved inside
this library context structure.

Until it's done, then (assuming the situation in the subject) it is impossible
to cyrus-imapd and openldap to use a different plugin set because the list of
loaded plugins is also stored in a global variable etc. So the separate
authentication process is not enough to solve the problem completely.


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