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RE: Oracle OCI based ldbm backend info (repost)

I will look into it. 


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From: Dmitry Kovalev [mailto:mitya@seismic.geol.msu.ru]
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 8:07 AM
To: Arredondo, Tomas
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Subject: Re: Oracle OCI based ldbm backend info (repost)

"Arredondo, Tomas" wrote:

> Hello,
> Sorry if this is a repeat but I never saw the original on the list.
> I am looking into developing an Oracle OCI based ldbm backend for slapd.
> I've  been looking at the ldbm.c file in
> ./openldap-1.2.11/libraries/libldbm.  Would this be the place to implement
> this code?

think no, because implementing all the needed API through Oracle OCI is
probably not what you want. You probably want to use your "legacy" data
existing in Oracle and being used by othe applications

>  Is there any information on how to link an RDBMS like Oracle in?

take a look at back-sql in 2.0.7, first of all - the
servers/slapd/back-sql/docs, and all related links it suggests (FAQ etc)

You may require more that it currently does (as Robin, who wanted access to
client IP and things in queries etc), but it may turn better to extend
than to use shell.

See todo list, and feel free to suggest things for it...

Unfortunately, I have not much time for it right now, but I will get back to
when I can. Meanwhile, patches and suggestions are welcomed :)

If your purposes require custom RDBMS backend, you can use back-sql as a
and if it seems like generally usable, we could try to incorporate it with

Also, you can take a look at back-perl in -devel branch. After some
not very big) work to update to 2.0.x API, it may work much faster and
much more than shell backend...

WBW, Dmitry