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Questions about shell plugin


I am currently writing a shell plugin that reads data from an
Oracle database and I've still got a few questions:

- How can I pass information like "sizelimit exceeded" or "no such object"
back to the frontend? Right now, all I'm sending to stdout is something like this:

dn: uid=6, o=ymail, c=ch
cn: Patrick Habegger
sn: Habegger
givenName: Patrick
objectClass: top
objectClass: Private Individual
mail: phabegger@dplanet.ch

dn: uid=7, o=ymail, c=ch
cn: Stefan Mischke
sn: Mischke
givenName: Stefan
objectClass: top
objectClass: Private Individual
mail: smischke@smish-in.ch

- Is there a way to find out what character set the clients supports. I've got
german umlauts in my return data and manually encode it to utf, which seems to work
for Netscape Adressbook and Outlook Adressbook. However, clients not supporting unicode
will get a bit of a mess. Any chance of handling this properly?

Thanks in advance for any help