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Hi All,
I am quite new to this mailing list and so I am not aware whether the doubts
I have, might have been already answered.

I am right now working on the implementation of the LDAP for IPSEC-IKE to
retrieve CRLs from a CA.

I have the following doubts:
I want to know whether there are any public LDAP CRL servers.
If there are any such, I would also like to know additional information
like the ip address of the public LDAP CRL server etc., needed to connect
to the server and get the CRLs from the server.

I would also like to know something more about CRLs like how they are
organised, what are the different attributes in the CRL and what it is like.

And I would also like to know the format of the data that is returned from
the LDAP server, like whether each result returned contains a single record
of the certificates with their atributes that are in the CRLs or the entire
list of the certificates with their attributes or how it is. . I mean, I
would like to know how the results are returned.

I am stuck up here. Pls help me out.
Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.