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Re: Unicode normalization

At 03:53 PM 11/16/00 +0100, Stig Venås wrote:
>Before I start doing the changes, I would like to let you know what
>I'm thinking, please let me know if this looks wrong.
>To lunicode, I'm adding UTF8str2upper and UTF8normalize that does upper-
>casing and unicode normalization on a UTF8 string resp., and return a
>pointer to a new string. They allocate new memory for this, preserving
>the old one. I'm using functions from lldap for this, is it bad that
>lunicode depends on lldap?

This shouldn't be a problem.

>I'm leaving them as two separate functions since we don't always want to
>do uppercasing.
>Both should be used by dnNormalize, caseIgnoreIndexer, caseIgnoreFilter,
>caseIgnoreSubstringsIndexer, caseIgnoreSubstringsFilter. They should also
>be used by the approx-functions I guess, but I don't want to think of
>them now.
>caseExactMatch, caseExactSubstringsMatch, caseExactIndexer,
>caseExactFilter, caseExactSubstringsIndexer and caseExactSubstringsFilter
>should all use UTF8normalize.
>Is it okay if I enable this in head (will require reindexing in many
>cases), or should I ifdef it out.

You should enable new code in head as soon as it functional.
As long as the changes don't interfere with other development,
there is no need for #ifdefs.