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Event Notification


I am using OpenLDAP V2 as a service provider to Java JNDI. I am
attempting to detect changes to object attributes through the
event listener mechanism.

The addNamingListener  method of the EventDirContext class is used
to provide an ObjectChangeListener for the object of interest.

An implementation of the namingExceptionThrown method of the superinterface
NamingListener WILL inform me of a faultily named object. BUT I have not
been able to obtain an invocation of the ObjectChanged method of the
ObjectChangeListener class upon a change of the objects attributes.

That is, my code can detect a bad object name but not an actual change
to an object attribute.

Is OPENLdap known to support JNDI's requirements in this regard ?
Does OPENLdap support the Persistent Search Control ?
Is there any example code for this scenario ?


Endre Nagy