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Re: undefined in daemon.c

Dear Guolion,

Guolion wrote:
> Hi all.
> In OpenLDAP 2.0.6 ,servers/slapd/daemon.c 715th line and 712th line,
> the  &slap_sd_readers and  &slap_sd_witers perhaps is not defined.
> But the program is run well.Oh!
> Explain it ,please.
> --
> The End.

Its defined in the slap_daemon structure above the functions, like:

static struct slap_daemon 
	ldap_pvt_thread_mutex_t	sd_mutex;

	int sd_nactives;

	/* In winsock, accept() returns values higher than dtblsize
		so don't bother with this optimization */
	int sd_nfds;

	fd_set sd_actives;
	fd_set sd_readers;
	fd_set sd_writers;
} slap_daemon; 

Its a global variable(structure) so it is valid in all functions (below).

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