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Re: Help: LDAP Authentication

Sukanya Belsare wrote:
> In my windows GUI, for getting the search results from an LDAP server,
> along with the search filter the user enters the
> LDAP server name,
> LDAP port number,
> user-name for authentication and
> password.
> The function ldap_simple_bind_s() requires that distinguished name be
> supplied for the user-name.
> How to get the user-name's distinguished name when all I 
> know is just the above 4 parameters?

Perform an anonymous bind and search for the UID (or cn
or whatever).  Of course, you need to have the access control
to allow this and know the seach base.  I would recommend 
you look at the PADL pam_ldap module source code for examples.

Cheers, jerry
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