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RE: CORBA-ised backend

Hi Mark,

Last year I started working on a generic CORBA backend for OpenLDAP to
access our proprietary user database. It simply translates incoming LDAP
requests to CORBA and passes them to the actual (CORBA) backend server. The
IDL definition for the backend interface is available at
Unfortunately it never got further than early prototype state because
priorities forced me to work on other things. If you're interested I
probably can delve it up from CVS, though. It only handles anonymous
searches at the moment (once it's ported to the current OpenLDAP release).
You'll need omniORB2 (not 3) as well.

Good luck,

Bastiaan Bakker
LifeLine Networks BV

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van:	Mark Wardle [SMTP:wardle@doctors.org.uk]
> Verzonden:	Wednesday, November 08, 2000 2:26 PM
> Aan:	openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org
> Onderwerp:	CORBA-ised backend
> I'm just a little interested in the use of LDAP to provide an interface to
> a
> myriad of different disparate applications within the enterprise. This
> means
> I'm interested in providing an LDAP-like interface to my application, so
> that users can browse and search my custom data (in this case medical case
> notes).
> I know that LDAP was originally purely an interface to X.500, and so is
> modelled on a front-end/back-end combination, but I already have written a
> backend. Whilst I have read some documentation on how to create a custom
> backend, it seems to me sensible to create a more generic solution and
> strictly define a CORBA IDL, allowing programmers to easily add
> LDAP-interfaces to their data-schema simply by implementing the required
> interface.
> In this way it is quite straightforward to plug in different back-ends,
> that
> may be distributed across different systems, or even written in a
> different
> language, and federated across different systems.
> My problems are thus:
>    o documentation that details how LDAP requests are passed to the
> backend
>    o what do people think of standardising the interface between the
> front-end
> and back-end of the LDAP system using CORBA?
>    o has someone already written a CORBA-LDAP backend that just creates an
> ORB/POA and then passes on requests in a standardised fashion?
> Many thanks,
> Dr. Mark Wardle
> wardle@doctors.org.uk