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caching (was: Re:)

At 11:27 AM 11/3/00 +1000, Endre_Nagy@rta.nsw.gov.au wrote:
>Could someone provide a pointer to the status of OpenLDAP with
>respect to the caching of directory properties within a client.

The SDK provides experimental support for entry caching.
This code was originally developed at U-Mich and is largely
untouched by OpenLDAP'ers.

No other directory properties are cached. 

There is no active development in this area.

>What capability has been released and what is imminent

The experimental entry caching code is in all OpenLDAP releases.

>To what extent is OpenLDAP heading towards an implementation
>of an LDAP "Proxy"

There is an experimental LDAP backend in 2.0 which can be used
as a proxy.

>To what extent is OpenLDAP taking part in, or paying heed to,
>the IETF LDAP Client Caching Proxy Model

A number of individuals active in the OpenLDAP Project are
also active in the IETF.  I am actually quite involved in
the IETF's LDAP work.  No IETF LDAP (LDAPext, LDUP, or the
proposed LDAPbis) working group (which is where IETF does
work) is currently working in this area.

I assume you are referring to:

This is the work of K. N. Vijay not the IETF.  IIRC, it's
was briefly discussed on the LDAPext (or maybe was LDUP)
mailing list.  I suspect the author is chewing on the
feedback received.

Anyways, I have no plans on working in this area.  Though
there are some interesting issues here, my plate's way
too full.  I wouldn't think of heeding to it... I haven't
even read it (except for the abstract)... it's likely not
a mature specification... and it's targeted as "Informational".

Note the use of "I"...  others may have other thoughts...
OpenLDAP, like the IETF, is an organization comprising of