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Wouldn't it make more sense to have OpenLDAP provide the relevant
information in a local format, so that an independent SNMP daemon could be
used to aggregate all SNMP on the system (e.g. we use UCD and the SNMPv3
security contexts requests, which we're hoping to use Kerberos auth on at
some point...)

I would have said building SNMP *into* OpenLDAP doesn't make a great deal of
sense, but provided it's a ./configure option...


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From: Mark Adamson [mailto:adamson@andrew.cmu.edu]
Sent: 31 October 2000 20:09
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Subject: SNMP

  Some folks here at Carnegie Mellon would like to see SNMP support in
OpenLDAP slapd. Is anyone working on this?  It would probably consist of
adding a thread to slapd that would listen for SNMP requests, and hand
back counters for number of connections, number of operations performed,
duration of searches, etc.  Does anyone see any blatant barriers to adding
this in the future?

   -Mark Adamson
    Carnegie Mellon