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Re: Help with internal processing of add

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> At 02:40 AM 10/16/00 +0200, Shaun Savage wrote:
> >I have read the archives, the big issue is using pgpSDK whell I an using
> >gnupg code base.
> The big issue was/is architecture.  Which SDK you use only matters
> if you plan to contribute code.
I plan to submit all code to the openldap project!

> >I an new to the guts of openldap, where is the best place to start to
> >make a subset of slapd for pgp using gnupg code?
> I suggest reviewing the previous work in this area.  There
> should be references to patches against 1.1 somewhere in the
> archives of this list or -bugs or on the ITS pages.
> I would really like to see someone design schema to hold PGP
> keys in general purpose LDAP directory....

I have a schema that works but the security of PGP lies in the fact the
packet is sent as one object and to get the information from it it needs
to be decoded and verified.  That is the easy part. I could also create
a hobby speed proxy, single or forked process. but making it the quality
multithreaded like openldap will be a job. 

I hope I have check all the archives but did not see any patches

Shaun Savage