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Re: search with indexes

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At 12:54 PM 10/16/00 +0200, michel guilhem wrote:

>I try to understand how the indexes operates :
>In my slapd.conf i have this line
>index default pres,eq,sub,approx
>when i launch a ldapsearch with this syntax
>ldapsearch -b "o=perso,c=fr" 'ou=29*"
>my ldapsearch do a research through the indexes ( my ldap is launched
>with debug -d 255 )
>but when i do 
>ldapsearch -b =o=perso,c=fr" 'ou=2*'
>i have a sequential search
>I'm looking for a text that gives precisions on indexes , is it possible
>to do a search with indexes when i ask for 2* or is it limitations of
>indexes ?
>thank you very much for the response or a clue