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OpenLDAP 2.X TO DO list

OpenLDAP To Do List

This is a list of projects that need getting done.  They are defined
by scale of the effort as opposed to priority.  Contribute to
projects based upon your personal priorities.

If you would like to work on any of these projects, please coordinate
with the listed individual.   If no one is listed, post to OpenLDAP
Developer's List (you must be subscribed to post).

If you have a project you'd like added to the list, talk it up on
Developer's list or just do it.

Please read:

OpenLDAP 2.x Projects
        Complete Unicode Support
    SLURPD v3 update
    client API update
        Implement LDAP errno draft (deferred)
        Implement per referral callback
        referral chasing options/rebind proc
    Update manual pages

Large projects
Implement slapd backend w/ transaction support
Modify -lldap to be session-level thread support (ldap_dup)
Redesign slapd memory allocation fault handling
Perform a security audit (and fix any hole found)

Medium projects
Redesign and Implement a LDAP C API
Modify -lldap to be reentrant/threadsafe
    implement LDAP concurrency draft
Modify libraries to use application specified logging routines
Modify servers to use reentrant library functions
Extend slapd to support per-backend schema
Port slurpd to NT

Small projects
Add tests to test suite (ACI, moddn, manageDSAit, subtyping, etc.)
Add compare of RootDSE, cn=subschema, etc.
Add user configurable attributes to RootDSE
Create ldapcompare (from ldapsearch) to support compare operations
Create ldapquery (from ldapsearch?) to support searching using ldap_getfilter(3)
Update saucer(1) to support LDAPv3 features (and bring into clients)
Update ud(1) to include contributed changes
Update ud(1) to support LDAPv3 features
Update any manual page

For additional TODO items, see:

$OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/doc/devel/todo,v 1.64 2000/10/11 16:01:40 kurt Exp $