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Re: logging enhancements, take 2

On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 10:08:48AM -0400, Gary Williams wrote:
> > 
> > It would be nice if could always use the macro:
> >         LDAP_LOG( subsys, level, fmt, ...)  /* preferred */
> > or
> >         LDAP_LOG(( subsys, level, fmt, ...))
> I was planning ultimately on two macros, one for strictly debug
> output which would get compiled away for release builds, and
> another for error/statistics output which would alway be available
> for reporting necessary information.  Similar to what you did on
> your data distribution system:
> LDAP_DEBUG( subsys, level, fmt, ... ) would go away in release
> LDAP_LOG( subsys, level, fmt, ... ) would not

Man, this all totally blows away what I was working on :)

Anyway, something I'de like to add to this, is a strictly connection based
logging for slapd. In other words, I want usage info similar to what you
would get with apache or proftpd. This can then be piped through a log
analyzer of sorts.

My company is looking for this, mainly so our department can show what
kind of usage we are getting from the server.

I'll drop my work on the logging, so long as this takes care of the main
issue I was working on, which was all the warnings when compiled with
-Wall, and removes the hardcoded number of arguments required.


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