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Re: Continuation references with empty dn

At 01:05 PM 10/9/00 +0200, Stig Venås wrote:
>I want to have a continuation reference to a server where the dn is
>empty (I want the base of the new search to be ""). According to RFC
>2251 the dn part must be present in the URL, so when the URL is just
>"ldap://host/"; I would think of that as the dn being "".
>When the reference is followed, it should then use "" as the base I
>think, rather than the original base which is what OpenLDAP
>currently does.
>I was wondering if I could simply change re_encode_request where it
>        if ( *dnp == NULL ) {
>                *dnp = orig_dn;
>        } else {
>                LDAP_FREE( orig_dn );
>        }
>but this is perhaps the preferred behavior of re_encode_request in
>other cases?

I believe re_encode_request is called for both continuations and
referrals... and this behavior is necessary for referral handling.