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Re: testing for pthreads in default libraries

>On a pre-beta Mac OS X, I had the same problem on OpenLDAP 2.0 gamma.  configure was reporting
>that pthread_create() didn't work.  I did the same thing and compiled conftest.c, and I did see
>that conftest would return an error about 10% of the time when run manually, but it seemed to
>always fail when configure was doing it.  I ended up just patching configure so conftest always
>returned zero, and that got me a working version of openssl.

Good point. 

lukeh@off/lennie[136]% ./p ; echo $?
lukeh@off/lennie[137]% ./p ; echo $?
lukeh@off/lennie[138]% ./p ; echo $?
lukeh@off/lennie[139]% ./p ; echo $?
lukeh@off/lennie[140]% ./p ; echo $?

The exit code is the return value of pthread_detach().

>I'm assuming that Luke is running with darwin development tools, and there may be a bug in
>pthreads similar to the pre-beta tools I was using.  When the official beta development tools are
>released, the problem may just go away.

I don't think this is the case..

-- Luke
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