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Re: some thoughts on indexing (Was: Some openldap fixes... (fwd))

At 10:52 AM 9/22/00 +0200, peter wrote:
> I also plan to implement some additional administrative limits:
>>       1) return error to client if number of candidates
>>       exceeds a limit (before testing)
>would break LDAP specs i think,..

No, a server is free to enforce arbitrary administrative limits.

>why though ?

To disallow operations which would tie up the server for huge
amounts of time.

>>       2) return error to client if number of tested candidates
>>       exceeds a limit (regardless of test result)
>eruhmm,.. would this not be the same as 1) ?

No.  1) doesn't doing any testing and hence doesn't return any
entries.  2) would return entries found during testing but
give up once the limit as exceeded.

>because if one ignores the test-result the number of tested
>entries will be the same as the number of candidates. or am
>I missing something here,.. 

I'm not ignoring test-results.  The number of returned entries
will be the number of candidates which matched (per test_filter):
1) don't test candidates if there are too many
2) stop testing candidates after so many tests