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Calls to ldap_first_attribute or ldap_next_attribute result in a decoding
error if there are no attribute in the LDAPMessage:

LDAPMessage msg;   // an LDAPMessage that contains an Entry of a
                   // search result. That doesn't contain any
                   // of the requested Attributes  
char* name=ldap_first_attribute(ld, msg, &ptr);
//name will be NULL here, as msg didn't contain an attribute

additionally the error value of the LDAP struct ld will be set
to 84 (decoding error). Is this a bug or feature?

The API draft says the following:
    ldap_first_attribute() and ldap_next_attribute() will return NULL when
    the end of the attributes is reached, or if there is an error, in which
    case the error parameters in the session handle ld will be set to indi-
    cate the error.

If I understand this correctly there error parameter should only be set in
case of an error, not if the end of attributes is reached. Correct me
if I am wrong.