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Re: acis for public access

At 11:18 AM 9/3/00 +0200, Michael Weiser wrote:
>In which direction is aci support going to be developed anyway? Will
>future drafts or an RFC get implemented or is OpenLDAP going to
>provide its own syntax? Is development done at all?

Mark (mrv) was going to revamp ACIs when he got a chance.  But
he's been busy with other things.

The direction was to diverge dramatically OpenLDAPaci independently
from the IETF LDAP ACM syntax as the semantics are quite different.
If and when IETF LDAP ACM work matures, we'd then consider implementing
this in addition to the "vendor specific" OpenLDAPaci.

The following URI provides some of the prior discussion.

Those wishing to see more progress in this area are welcomed to
jump on in.  Please coordinate on this list.