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Re: back-sql


> Sorry for long delay, I was out for 10 days...

I remembered that later yes, from your earlier mail.

> Anyway, if you think of some general way to assign DN automatically (not
> with your schema), it is worth adding as alternative naming scheme - just
> explain it.

Well, at this moment I created a view to my existing data, since the only
data I'm interested in at this moment is passwd info. I could make a view
joining passwd and group info and others by joining some other views.

Another thing: I'd like to use the client's IP address somehow. We now have
a modified ldap running, using an old oracle backend I wrote several years
ago. It's far from perfect, but at this moment it runs.

Depending on the client doing the asking for passwd info, it either gets
back the info, or nothing, or the info without a proper shell. I would need
to do some extra checking in a stored procedure or a more complicated view.

Were exactly would I have to implement that? sql-wrap.c possibly?