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Re: More on TLS problems

At 10:34 PM 9/1/00 -0500, Randy Kunkee wrote:
>I've built the OpenLDAP head branch with OpenSSL and CYRUS-SASL.
>One thing that slowed me down quite a bit was that 'make ldbm'
>in the tests directory failed on test001-slapadd.  This is due
>to the following at the top of ldapsearch.out:
>    TLS: PRNG has not been seeded with enough data
>which is due to not having a ~/.rnd file, since my operating system
>(Alpha OSF) does not have a /dev/urandom device.  I was hoping the
>above changes fixed this, but they have not.

You might run an Entropy Gathering Daemon... generally a better
solution than .rnd files.   IIRC, we do support EGD.

As far as requiring PRNG even with -Z... I'm sure it be a FAQ...