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RE: [Re: C++ Libraries]

Great, I have searched the site (and the web) for previous work in this area. 
Having found none, I started out on my own.  Any reference to docs or more
information would be greatly appreciated.


-- Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:
> Note that an C++ SDK has been actively worked by OpenLDAP\'ers
> and is available for review under ITS#702.   This work will
> soon be committed to the OpenLDAP source repository.  We encourage
> you and all interested parties to join forces to produce a quality
> C++ SDK.
> Please direct technical comments regarding ITS#702 to the
> developer\'s mailing list.
> At 12:50 PM 8/29/00 -0400, John Kevlin wrote:
> I have just begun creating C++ classes for LDAP.  I am using the Java API as
> the
> basis for my classes.  It is my intention to open source this work.
> The web should be more complete in the next couple of days.
> This link should take you to the Version 2 api.
> http://cldap.org/CLdapV2.html
> comments are appreciated.
> john.kevlin@metrostat.com