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Re: Development snapshot tarball?

Hmmm...  Indeed it does appear to support CONNECT only on 443 (stupid
though it may be).   I'll give simpleproxy a shot.


- Cedric

--- Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com> wrote:
> Cedric Tefft wrote:
> > 
> > My only access (other than email)
> > is through a proxy server which only accepts HTTP-style requests
> > (http://, https://, ftp://, etc.).  It doesn't, unfortunately,
> accept
> > the CONNECT directive,
> If you can connect directly to let's say https://www.fortify.net
> your HTTP proxy allows the CONNECT method. Otherwise it would be a
> man-in-the-middle.
> Your proxy might block HTTP CONNECT to destination ports other than
> 443 (which is pretty stupid). If HTTP CONNECT to 443 is allowed you
> can use simpleproxy and connect to Kurt's pserver on port 443.
> Ciao, Michael.

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