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Development snapshot tarball?

Greetings, all --
I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and would like to start contributing to OpenLDAP development, but I have one pretty major obstacle standing in the way.  It seems that the development version is available only through CVS.  Unfortunately, my Internet access is heavily firewalled, and I can only do HTTP and single-file FTP retrieval, so CVS (and CVSup for that matter) will not work for me.
From what I can tell, downloading an entire source tree through CVSWeb would involve riding the web browser for hours and hours -- downloading each file individually.  That would be such a fantastically labor-intensive process that it just isn't practical.
So my question is, is there some kind of daily or weekly snapshot of the CVS repository available in a single file (tarball or similar format) that I could download through web or web-proxied FTP transfer?  If there are no such snapshots, would it be possible to set up such a thing?  Or maybe there is some other quick 'n easy method to get the latest development version that I'm not aware of?
Oh, and before everybody suggests the obvious workarounds ... no, I don't have any other Internet access, I don't control the firewall/proxy configurations, and I can't influence the people who do.  In short, I either do this through HTTP (or web-proxied FTP) or I don't do it at all.

- Cedric