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libcldap - C++ Clases


These are the classes and interfaces from the Java spec.

class LDAPAttributeSchema
class LDAPAttributeSet
interface LDAPBind
class LDAPCompareAttrNames
class LDAPConnection
class LDAPConstraints
class LDAPControl
class LDAPContentRuleSchema
class LDAPDITSStructureSchema
class LDAPDN
class LDAPEntry
class LDAPExtendedOperation
class LDAPExtendedResponse
interface LDAPEntryComparator
class LDAPException
class LDAPMatchingRuleSchema
class LDAPMatchingRuleUseSchema
class LDAPMessage
class LDAPModification
class LDAPModificationSet
class LDAPNameFormSchema
class LDAPObjectClassSchema
class LDAPRebindAuth
class LDAPRebind
class LDAPReferralException
class LDAPResponse extends LDAPMessage
class LDAPResponseListener
class LDAPSchema
abstract class LDAPSchemaElement
class LDAPSearchConstraints
class LDAPSearchListener
class LDAPSearchResult
class LDAPSearchResults
class LDAPSearchResultReference
interface LDAPSocketFactory
class LDAPSyntaxSchema
class LDAPUrl
interface LDAPv2
interface LDAPv3

I'm not familiar with Java so if someone could explain how to represent the java
interface concept in C++ I would appreciate it.