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Re: why is slurpd so big.

At 06:28 PM 8/17/00 +1000, Gerrit Thomson wrote:
>I just noticed that my slurpd has 30Mb of memory allocated to it.

This could be normal.  Some threading systems allocate significant
number of pages per thread (generally on the stack).  Heap wise,
slurpd should be fairly small.  Does it grow significantly over
time (and use)?  After 1 hr, 2 hr, 24 hrs.

>My slapd has 90Mb.

Depending on the number of indices, size of your directory, and
cache knows, this could be quite normal as well.  The 2.0 beta
slapd is known to have some serious leakage... I believe 2.0 devel
has most of them plugged.

>I would have thought that it should be small and simple holding a little
>in memory as possible.

With slurpd, yes.  With slapd, no.

>I am on a dec alpha using digital unix 4.oe.
>Is there a memory management problem which means that :

not that I'm aware of.

>Is this related to the threading now employed by slurpd.

Could be.