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Inserting jpegPhoto problem for 2.0-beta


I'm testing openldap-2.0-beta on LINUX.
When inserting jpeg image into person entry, the slapd
tells me following:
  "LDAP: error code 21 - no validator for syntax"

The command I used for test is trivial:
  ldapmodify -D "cn=Manager,o=da.com" -W -f /tmp/addmypic.ldif
Here is the content of /tmp/addmypic.ldif:(also trivial)
  dn: uid=bai,ou=people,o=da.com
  changetype: modify
  add: jpegPhoto
  jpegPhoto: /tmp/mypic.jpg
My entry inherites inetOrgPerson, for schemacheck on, I included the
"inetorgperson.schema" and some necessary attributetypes. Other
attributes went okay, except "jpegPhoto".
The same error occured even I set the "schemacheck off" in slapd.conf.

I am also using OpenLDAP-1.2 with jpegPhoto, no problem.
Any advice?
Dongqiang Bai