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Re: slapd.oc.conf /slapd.at.conf

[ this mail is a new issue based on a discussion completely different
from the below. Message has been transfered to development list since
this is about (changing) code in openLDAP]

Jagannatha Reddy wrote:

> It is not required to define the attribute. The directive is used
> to associate a syntax with an attribute name. By default, an
> attribute is assumed to have syntax cis.
> The possible syntaxes and their meanings are:
>                bin  binary
>                ces  case exact string
>                cis  case ignore string
>                tel  telephone number string
>                dn   distinguished name
> If schemacheck is enabled, the attribute name has to be present in
> the objectclass definition.

When I fill my entry with data , distinguished name e.t.c. + linked list
of attributes I (earlier) did not set the syntax for each attribute. This
caused the test_filter to fail even thou is was obvious that the entry
should be sent back to client. I check this out I noticed that the
default value for the syntax was NOT CIS but binary value (or no valid
value at all). Inside the test_filter function there is a check if syntax
is different from binary. If it is binary the filter always fails (for
"begins with" filter for example, not "equals" which works).

Shouldn't the syntax be set to CIS as default?

Why is there a binary check for "xxx*", "*xxx","*xxx*" filters (with
wildcard(s)),ie. why does the test_filter function fail for these filters
if data is binary?


Mikael Grehn
Systems Engineer
Envilogg Datateknik AB