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Re: Oracle backend


Robin Elfrink wrote:

> . The reason that I do not (read "may not") use the
> back-sql backend in the development version is the overhead in iODBC (says
> my boss, who I must say usually knows what he's talking about).

Given that "kind of benchmark" you provide in your sample config file, I don't
think one could notice any overhead imposed by iODBC, since most of time is
spent in Oracle's internals ;)

The metadata approach used in back-sql gives far more abilities than just
listing possible filters (of course they are narrower that with perl-backend,
or other "programmatic" approaches but one don't have to know perl or any other
programming language to use back-sql ;).

Any valid LDAP query may be processed, support for data preprocessing and write
access through stored PL/SQL procedures is possible in Oracle (see back-sql

Also, most of iODBC functions used in back-sql are wrapped by internal
functions, and the rest could be wrapped easily...
So perhaps it would be better to make conditional compilation, allowing to
choose OCI or iODBC as DBMS communication layer, which would eliminate overhead
in case of Oracle/OCI, and leave all of back-sql functionality untouched.

But it seems that I arrived somewhat late with my comments ;)))):
Subject:   Oracle OCI8 backend for OpenLDAP 1.2.11
Date:        Wed, 16 Aug 2000 16:47:51 +0200
From:       Robin Elfrink <robin@a1.nl>
To:            openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org


About a month ago I mentioned I was working on an Oracle OCI8 backend
for OpenLDAP 1.2.11. Today I 'more or less' finished it.

WBW, Dmitry