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Bugs in OpenLDAP2.0 beta

I am testing OpenLDAP 2.0 beta on our alpha machines running Unix Tru64.
I use gcc in combination with the native linker.
I discovered three problems.
1. During make I had to supply an extra linker option, because of the
search behaviour of the linker.
    make XLDFLAGS=-oldstyle_liblookup
Configure generated a -pthread in the makefiles where it should be
2. The read performance was very bad. The maximum throughput was only 6
With Nescape Directory Server with a similar test database I got 500
reads/second (!)
(By the way, running the same tests on our Sun machine gave comparable
between Netscape and OpenLDAP).
3. The slapd server suffers from memory leaks. (appr. 10kB for every
My colleague Tjeerd van Lemel was able to fix the above problems.
The slow read performance was due to a problem with the socket option
TCP_NODELAY which was not inherited by the socket created with an
accept() call.
The memory leak is not platform specific and  was caused by parts of the
ldbm-backend code.
There is a potential memory leak in the memory allocation code in liblber.
See the attached patches for details. 
André Brands.

Andre Brands
CMG Telecommunications & Utilities B.V.
Hengelosestraat 501
Postbus 268
7500 AG Enschede
The Netherlands

Email: Andre.Brands@cmg.nl


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