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Re: CVS of todays code freezing erratically ..

At 10:55 AM 8/11/00 -0700, Anthony Brock wrote:
>At 10:28 AM 8/11/00 -0700, you wrote:
>>Likely the server is running out of file descriptors or some
>>other resource... which the server doesn't handle well.
>>You should also look at your client and make sure it is properly
>>unbinding the LDAP session.
>Well, I have looked at the script, and every instance of a successful connection is followed by a disconnect.

Make sure your client is sending an Unbind request and closing the TCP
session.   Just dropping the connection will cause significant
delays at the server in freeing associated resources.

>Also, this same script has no problems against the older 1.2.11 server.

Differ codes are aggravated by different problems.   Of course,
both 1.2 and 2.x don't deal with resource allocation failures well
and this does need to be worked.  It's also possible that 2.0
new connection manager and thread pool is acting up.

>The other thing of note is that there a two scripts I am using.  One had some bugs, which resulted in incorrect output.  However, it also was very careful to open and close connections properly.  Unfortunately, with that script, after about 20 to 30 connections, the server will freeze.
>I am baffled by this, and any attempt to debug results in an output file sever megabytes in size.  Also, is we wait for the server to cleanup the network connections (takes about 4 minutes), the LDAP server is STILL frozen and non-responsive.
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