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Re: back-sql problem - Chapter II


Unfortunately, I cannot check it for sure right now, but I will do on Monday,
commit necessary files if they are not there, and send you a copy if you don't use
Also note that metadata has been improved compared to documentation, and allows
multiple objectclass, referrals and things... I'll also try to make documentation
updates before 2.0-release. If you have comment or suggestions - please mail me,
or use ITS.

Sorry for this mess with samples,

WBW, Dmitry

Pierre-Julien Grizel wrote:

> Hi,
> Right, I think I pointed out one possible reason for my problem : the metadata
> table isn't populated.
> That's because the sample provided with 2.0-beta distribution doesn't contain
> those metadata sql files... Are they available somewhere ???
> Thanks,
> P.-J.