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ADSI and OpenLDAP schema incompatibilities


I am using ADSI/ADO from VB/ASP to search, display,
and create LDAP entries on OpenLDAP 1.2.10 (on Linux
if that matters). After several unsuccessful attempts,
I can now successfuly bind, search and modify known
attributes (like cn, dn, givenName, etc.).

However, I can not seem to access any custom
attributes (defined in my local slapd.at.conf) from
ADSI. There is supposed to be an assoicated schema
object (IADs) for a particular LDAP namespace, but
this only returns attributes and OIDs defined by
Microsoft. There apparently is no way to communicate
my OpenLDAP schema to ADSI, and it is killing me.

I would think that:
1. ADSI should be able to function sufficiently
without the exact schema info (treat all data as
variant/strings or whatever).

2. If it REALLY REALLY does need foreign schema
definitions, there should be some sort of
schema-trading handshake as part of the LDAP protocol.
I think this is possible with LDAP v3.

3. If not, I will need to either created all my custom
attributes in EVERY registry, or create an OpenLDAP
entry in a manner that exports the schema to ADSI via
a simple LDAP query. This is kinda reverse engineering
what I seem to be reading in the examples I have
looked at.

I would really appreciate your suggestions.
Hopefully this is something that someone
has already worked out.

Kevin McCarthy

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