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At 04:18 PM 7/31/00 +0200, Ralf Haferkamp wrote:
>I started to develop a C++-API for LDAP. I am doing this as the final
>project (diploma thesis) for my computer science studies. I'd like to hear
>your opinions about some basic issues regarding the design of this API.
>First of all, there is no really useable piece of software at
>the moment (just a few class that wrap the C-API calls)
>Here are some points I'd like to hear your thoughts about:
>- The basic design will be similar to that of Netscapes Java-SDK. Has
>  someone of you already used this. Maybe you can tell me what is good/bad
>  in it. So I probably can make things better in C++.

You might also review the net::ldap API...

>- Which features of C++ should be used?  
>  Exceptions for error handling
>  Standard Library for some dynamic containers (e.g. list or vector)
>  I would prefer to asume a ISO-Standard C++ Compiler so I can use these 
>  features. I think error handling with exception is a quite useful thing.

You might also use some sort of callback mechanism to provide
search continuations to entries.  Or you could use exceptions.

>- I plan to use some parts of the C-API inside of my C++ API (e.g. the
>  Network I/O and BER-encoding/decoding). I think this would reduce possible 
>  bugs (and work :) ) a lot. The thing is that I didn't find docs for the
>  network I/O stuff. Is there any, or do I have to look into the sources?

Besides lber-encode(3) and lber-decode(3) and the C API I-D, best is
to look at -lldap's use of the library...