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Re: SOCKET handling and Netscape SDK bug(?)

At 11:25 AM 7/26/00 +0200, Mikael Grehn wrote:
>> Can you repeat the problem using code as provided?  Your version
>> appears not to be functionally equivalent to that in the HEAD
>> branch or the OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 branch.
>Well I'm using experimental code in openLdap2.0-alpha3 on NT. I am using
>Lotus Notes 5.0.1b (release nov. 1999).

Like I said, can you use either HEAD branch or OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2
code, or at least openldap-2.0-beta?

>I try to explain the situation more in detail:

I'll defer looking into details until you update.  I can
clearly see that from the code fragment you provide that
changes have been made since -alpha3 which likely would
resolve this problem.

>(As you know) the openLdap consist of 2 "main" threads, one thread waiting
>for shutdown order and the listener thread that listens on SOCKET connections
>from clients (and creates new thread for each new accepted client). The
>listener thread is started in the thread function "slapd_daemon_task(...)" in
>/servers/slapd/daemon.c. The function contain a while loop for continous
>listening on incoming connections. In the while loop a select function
>(socket) waits for the socket state to change. If that happens (and no error
>occurs) the socket information TCP/IP stream is mapped using BER/DER encoding
>to an LDAP request or response.
>But in some occations the select function returns SOCKET_ERROR and slapd is
>terminated (shutdown = -1). This could be because the "tail" of a previous
>SOCKET is (again) read/noticed by select function but since it isnt the start
>of a new socket the select function returns error. When checking the error
>with WSAGetLastError() it is error 10038, which means "WSAENOTSOCK" error.
>A solution could perhaps be to insert some small delay function to let the
>previous socket handling be finished...but this solution dont attract me very
>So...what could be the error and what solutions can you recommend?
>//------------------------------- select part in slapd_daemon_task
>(openLdap2.0-alpha3) ---------------------
>switch(ns = select( nfds, &readfds,
>   /* don't pass empty fd_set */
>   ( writefds.fd_count > 0 ? &writefds : NULL ),
>   &writefds,
>   NULL, tvp ))
>  {
>   { /* failure - try again */
>    int err=sock_errno();
>    int wsaErr=WSAGetLastError(); // <---- checking for detailed error code
>    printf("WSAGetLastError return error code: %i\n",wsaErr);
>    if(err==EBADF&&++ebadf<SLAPD_EBADF_LIMIT)
>    {
>     continue;
>    }
>    if( err != EINTR )
>    {
>     Debug( LDAP_DEBUG_CONNS,"daemon: select failed (%d): %s\n",err,
>sock_errstr(err), 0 );
>     slapd_shutdown = -1; // slapd is shutting down
>    }
>   }
>   continue;
>I am really greatful for any hints or comments from anyone about this (even
>if you havent got experience about openLDAP itself but only use SOCKET
>handling on NT a lot).
>Anyone had problems with SOCKET errno = 10038 in other occations?
>What can the solution to this be?
>Mikael Grehn
>Systems Engineer
>Envilogg Datateknik AB