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Re: Oracle backend

On Fri, Jul 21, 2000 at 11:06:57AM +0200, Robin Elfrink wrote:
> Hello all,
> For my own use I created an Oracle backend for openldap 1.2.11, using the
> OCI interface.
> At the moment it's really a hack, but it does what I need (searching) and it
> looks kind of stable. The reason that I do not (read "may not") use the
> back-sql backend in the development version is the overhead in iODBC (says
> my boss, who I must say usually knows what he's talking about).
> If anybody is interested in looking at it and/or helping with further
> development, it's at http://www.a1.nl/~elfrink/back-oci8.

I'm quite happy using the Perl-backend, and then accessing Oracle from
Perl. I had to add a few things to the backend that I probably should
make available some time soon.

The good thing with Perl is that I can do some fix up on the data, so
that the LDAP data is not necessarily like the data in the database.

Your Oracle backend sounds interesting though, perhaps I'll have a look.
I could use PL/SQL instead of Perl to massage the data.