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Re: Using ldap_search() to export all users?

> Forgive the boring newbie question.  I'm writting a  small utility using
> the C SDK to export certain fields from every user in ldap to text.  The
> problem with using ldap_search() w/ filter of (objectclass=*) is I have
> to assume the whole directory is less than ld_sizelimit (500).
> How do I loop through the complete directory to export everyone
> regarless of sizelimit?
> Do I need to basically keep a placeholder of the record read, and read
> one at a time?
> If anyone could point me to some code that does the same thing, that'd
> be great.
> ~eddie

The devel list is for people working on the development of OpenLDAP itself.
Questions like this should be taken to the software list.  The answer to
your question is to either have the admin raise the sizelimit, or bind
as the rootdn and then the sizelimit will not apply to you (or you can
override it).