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Re: Another observation about the beta release ...

This could easily speed us up. Thanks for the suggestion. However, I am still concerned that there might be a memory leak of some kind.

After doing part of the transfer, we noticed the slapd server occupied roughly 41 meg of memory (following the import of a 100 or so entries). I then killed the slapd server, and restarted it. It only occupies roughly 1 meg after restart (the same amount before we imported the information. We then added roughly have the previous number of entries after restart, and once finished, the server now occupies 49 meg of memory.

Any suggestions what would cause the server to use so much memory, but only after adding accounts? Especially when the physical databases occupy less that a meg of disk space? It seems that the server could actually read the entire database into memory given it's size, and only write when changes are necessary. Is there a configuration option that would allow this to happen for performance (especially on a read-only server)? Is this happening already?

The speed is of some concern, though it appears solvable. Of larger concern is the memory issue.


At 04:38 PM 7/13/00 -0700, erc@pobox.com wrote:
Sounds like a database issue to me.  This often occurs because as each new
record is added, the (steadily growing) index must be searched to avoid
duplicate records.  Hence, the slowdown.

If this were an exposed database, I'd recommend removing the indices,
the records, then re-adding the indices.  That would speed things up quite
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