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Sounds like an excellent idea to me.


> We currently set LIBVERSION to 0:0:0.  This means that the
> installed share libraries get names like libldap.so.0.0.0.  These
> numbers don't look nice.  We should change them to something else.
> At least RedHat have been distributing openldap packages with
> version 1.0.0 in libraries.
> I propose that we declare that library major version 1 is for
> Umich-compatible APIs and that OpenLDAP 2.0, implementing the
> new API based on the I-D (where ld is an opaque structure, etc.).
> gets a library major version of 2.
> In consequence, I propose that we set LIBVERSION to 2:0:0 in
> build/top.mk in the HEAD branch, effective immediately.
> Comments?
> Julio