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Re: Fw: Bug of the day (set_concurrency)

As a matter of policy, we do not accept third party patches.  Patches
must be submitted by the original author per our contributing guidelines.

When someone send you a patch, politely ask them to submit the
patch to the project per these guidelines.  Thanks.


At 04:21 PM 7/6/00 +0100, Al Sutton wrote:
>Heres a patch based on Marks solution (outlined below).
>Al Sutton (al@alsutton.com)
>WWW: http://www.buddysites.net/
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>From: "Mark Adamson" <adamson@andrew.cmu.edu>
>To: "Al Sutton" <al@alsutton.com>
>Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2000 2:12 PM
>Subject: Re: Bug of the day (set_concurrency)
>> Yeah, I saw that one too. The things that get #define'd in the portable.h
>> file do not mesh entirely with what is in the code. Chances are that like
>> on my machine there is no setconcurrency or getconcurrency calls in the
>> pthread libraries. And using this concurrency stuff is just an option from
>> the config file anyway, one that I am not using.
>> If you read the code around the ldap_pvt_thread_set_concurrency()
>> functions in libraries/libldap_r/ you'll see it's not real clear what is
>> supposed to be going on. There are ifdef's within ifdef's that depend on
>> the same macro, and areas of code that can never happen due to the
>> I went into servers/slapd/config.o and put this around the set_concurrency
>> call:
>>   #endif
>> -Mark Adamson
>>  Carnegie Mellon